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the music is timeless
the sound is beautiful
(the notes are different)

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3 Yogyakarta

Gamelan Java Easy

Returning Minimalism

GCJ Flowers

18 Solo Music

22 Kraton Yogyakarta

15 Returning Minimalism: InNem

27 Sek Continuum Yog

6 Kraton Surakarta

Gamelan Bali Modern

Gamelan Stravinsky


12 Pangkur One


4 Spiritual Music

10 Sindhen Trio

Gamelan Pictures at an Exibition

Returning Minimalism

Endah Laras and Dedek Gamelan Orchestra

1 Kraton Kasunanan

The Meditative Gender

musica coniucta

Gamelan Taruna Mekar

4 Puspa Warna

17 Kutut Manggung

9 Songs of Wisdom and Love

16 Ancient and New Minimalism

5 Gaya Yogyakarta

Trance Gamelan in Bali

14 Sounds of Sekaten

19 Kembang Mara

25 Kombang Mara

Sibille - Sibyls

5 Cirebon Tradicion in America

13 Pangkur Two

Gamelan from Central Java

Ceremonial Music

A Javanese sound library

classical gendings

A Corner of Gamelan

24 Budheng Budheng

Unstringing Beethoven

21 Dance Music at Kraton Surakarta

8 Court Music Treasures

11 Music of Remembrance

7 Edge of Tradition

2 Contemporary Composers

Gamelan Cage

A House in Tenganan

The Sounds of Montebello Gamelan

20 Evocative Music from Kratons and Palaces

23 Pura Paku Alaman

26 Sek Continuum Sura