Collections of themed recordings curated by John Noise Manis

classical gendings


1 – 8:23 Gending Anglirmendung pelog barang
2 – 10:07 Gending Tunggul Kawung pelog barang
3 – 31:28 Gending Danaraja slendro sanga



Gamelan of central Java – I. Classical Gendings

Gending Kemanak Anglir Mendung

I. Classical Gendings

Collection: Gamelan of Central Java, Original Series

The notes included with these disks are themselves worth the price – highly informative, they present some fairly technical aspects of Javanese gamelan in eminently readable form as well as interesting discussions of the differences and similarities between Western and Indonesian music.

This series represents an amazing undertaking (…)  For anyone interested in the music of Indonesia (which ultimately means those interested not only in gamelan but also in contemporary Western music), these recordings are a must – not only is the music beautiful, but it comes with a wealth of valuable information.  Manis deserves not only our congratulations for this achievement, but our thanks.

Robert M. Tilendis, Green Man Review


Listening to this centuries-old music provides one of the richest musical experiences imaginable. The outstanding Gamelan of Central Java series curated by John Noise Manis assembles important musicians and instrument collections into themed releases that hint at the breadth of musical styles found on the island of Java.

Gino Robair, Signal to Noise


“Classical Gendings” is different than most gamelan recordings. Whether it is with this or other gamelan CDs, anyone who professes to follow world music should explore this wonderful art form.

Dave Howell, Rambles


These gamelan recordings are a must-listen to clean out eardrums and speaker cones.

Stacy Meyn, Global Rhythm